School Staff

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Principal - Mrs. Geraldine Proulx
Office Administrators - Mrs. Nicole Knowles / 
Mrs. Carole Fayad

Teaching Staff:

Mr. M. Armstrong
Mrs. T. Baine
Mme V. Benjamin
Mrs. J. Blais
Mrs. J. Brennan
Mrs. M. Cosgrove
Mme G. Erskine
Ms. C. Fernandez
Mme T. Fish

Mme E. Fortin
Mrs. S. Fraser
Mrs. M. Gauthier
Mrs. C. Gray
Mrs. K. Kenna
Mme L. Lee
Mrs. N. Madana
Mrs. M. Meloche
Mme E. Miles
Mr. J. Paialunga
Mrs. F. Rivera
Mme M. Roy

Mrs. L. Somerville
Ms. K. Stasiewicz
Ms. E. Whelan

ECE Staff:
Mrs. G. Barnett
Mrs. A. Guertin
Mrs. W. Lallier
Mrs. T. Schreiber

EA Staff
Mrs. A. Dill
Mrs. C. Kirkup
Mrs. J. Piquette
Mrs. D. Plante
Mrs. K. Ransom

Custodial Staff:
Mrs. B. Tymchuk


About Our School

School Day Schedule (Grades 1-6)

  9:15  Block 1    1:00  Block 3 
 10:30  Recess    2:15  Recess
 10:45  Block 2    2:30  Block 4
 12:00  Lunch    3:45  Dismissal
 12:20  Recess      

School Features

St. Dominic School offers the following programs and features:
  • Junior and senior full day kindergarten (50/50 bilingual program)
  • French immersion and extended French pathways for grade level students (grades 1-6)
  • Vibrant learning commons (library) with technology integrated into learning spaces and curriculum
  • Wireless technology, with SmartBoards in every classroom
Child Care

A before and after school extended day program is available at St. Dominic School. The program is open to children from Kindergarten to Grade 6. To be considered for a space in this program, you must place your name on the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist.

For more detailed program information, contact our school board's Early Learning Services Department.

School Boundary

To attend St. Dominic, students or their caregiver must live within the St. Dominic School Boundary.

Activities, Clubs & Teams

St Dominic Dragons will be participating in the following sports in 2017.

Cross Country - Coed             October 10
Volleyball - Girls                      November 9
Volleyball - Boys                      November 16
Badminton - Girls                    January 16
Badminton - Boys                   January 18
Handball - Girls                       February 13
Handball - Boys                      February 20
Tchoukball - Girls                    March 7
Tchoukball - Boys                   March 8
Basketball - Girls                    April 10
Basketball - Boys                    April 17
Ultimate - Coed                      May 8
Track & Field - Coed              June 13

Affiliated Schools

750 Charlemagne Blvd., Orleans
Phone:  613-837-9377

Our Parish

Divine Infant Church
6658 Bilberry Drive, Orleans
Tel: 613-824-6822