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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Starting school is a BIG step for young children. To help smooth the transition to kindergarten, we usually invite families to tour the school, to visit our classrooms, and to meet the educators who will be teaching your child when they are at school. Because we are not able to have visitors into our school at this time, we have created a few resources just for you and your child! Scroll down, take a look, and enjoy!

We look forward to meeting you and your child in person when our school re-opens to in-person visitors.


The St. Dominic Catholic School Kindergarten Team

3D Tour

Welcome to St. Dominic is an online storybook will take you on a virtual tour of many of the key areas of our school.



People You Will Meet at School is an online storybook that introduces our Kinder team, as well as a few other staff members.



Step Inside! is an online storybook that shows some of the things your child may find inside their kindergarten classroom.

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To Do List for New Kindergarten Parents and Guardians:

About the Kindergarten Program at St. Dominic

  • We have 3 Kindergarten classes at our school. In each of the Kindergarten classrooms, you will find a teacher, an Early Childhood Educator, and a mix of Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. Sometimes an Educational Assistant is also assigned to work in the classroom.

  • Learning in Kindergarten follows the Ontario Kindergarten Program:

      • The program is focused on key areas of learning called "The Four Frames". The Four Frames include Belonging and Contributing, Self-Regulation and Well-Being, Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours, and Problem Solving and Innovating

      • The program is "play-based". Through their play, children to explore ideas, work our problems, practise skills, deepen their understanding of the world and interact with others.

  • Our Kindergarten classrooms are set up with learning centres for building, dramatic play, arts and crafts, making discoveries, writing, reading, using technology and praying. Beyond the classroom, our Kindergarten students also have multiple opportunities throughout each week to play in the Gym, visit the Learning Commons (Library) and spend time playing outside.

  • In addition to learning through play, educators also lead whole group lessons during carpet time, and provide explicit individual and small group instruction as children are engaged in learning centres.

Before and After School Care: Our school has an Extended Day Program (EDP) that runs from 7:00 a.m. until the start of school, and from the end of school until 6:00 p.m. For registration information, please visit https://www.ocsb.ca/extended-day-programs/ .

Visit the OCSB Kindergarten Website at ocsb.ca/kindergarten.