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Staff List

Changes will be made as necessary throughout the school year.

Kindergarten Team for 2022-2023:

  • Green Kindergarten: Karen Meed (Teacher), Ryan Bertrand (Teacher) and Wendy Lallier (RECE)

  • Purple Kindergarten: Michael Trinca (Teacher), Guylaine Erskine (Teacher), Ryan Bertrand (Teacher), Courtney Fennell (RECE), and Ashley Guertin (RECE on leave)

  • Orange Kindergarten: Guylaine Erskine (Teacher), Michael Trinca (Teacher), Ryan Bertrand (Teacher), and Tanya Grechuk-Webster (RECE), and Gail Barnett (RECE on leave)

Primary Team for 2022-2023:

  • 1-2 Catherine Riddell-Gray (English) and Elyse Miles (French)

  • 1A Jenn Blais (English) and Louise Lee (French)

  • 1B Mary Gauthier(English) and Louise Lee (French)

  • 2A Jen Brennan (English) and Elyse Miles (French)

  • 2B Ellen van de Loo (English) and Nathalie Leroy (French)

  • 23 Chris Ramm (English) and Nathalie Leroy (French)

  • 3A Kim Kenna (English) and Nathalie Leroy (French)

  • 3B Nirmala Madana (English) and Manon Roy (French)

  • 3C SĂ©bastien Heppell (English) and Manon Roy (French)

Morning Junior Classes for 2022-2023:

  • 4AE Nathalie Leroy (Extended French) and Haley Bourgeois (English)

  • 4BI Veronika Benjamin (Immersion French)

  • 4C Christine Styles (English)

  • 6AE Haley Bourgeois (English) and Joe Paialunga (Extended French)

  • 6BI Elaine Fortin (Immersion French)

  • 5AB Heather Fyfe (English)

  • 5BB Erika Levesque (English) (Michael Armstrong on leave)

  • 56 Megan Cosgrove and Christianne Sapinski (English)

Junior Team for 2022-2023:

  • 4AB Christine Styles (English)

  • 4BB Haley Bourgeois (English)

  • 4C Manon Roy (Immersion French)

  • 6AB Heather Fyfe (English)

  • 6BB Megan Cosgrove and Christianne Sapinski (English)

  • 5AE Joe Paialunga (Extended French), Ashley Doherty (English) and Erika Levesque (English) (Michael Armstrong on leave)

  • 5BI Veronika Benjamin (Immersion French)

  • 56 Elaine Fortin (Immersion French)

Educational AssistantTeam for 2022-2023:

  • Ibada Ahmed

  • Samantha Basile

  • Madeleine Caron

  • Leslie Charette

  • Cora deHaan

  • Jennifer Ferrell

  • Colleen Kirkup

  • David Langille

  • Jaime Piquette

  • Jennifer Stocco

Extended Day Program Team for 2022-2023:

  • Supervisor ~ Ronaliza Delfin

  • Facilitator ~ Zoe Allain

  • Facilitator ~ Jie Du

  • Facilitator ~ Raminder Kaur Kurichh

Other Team Members for 2022-2023:

  • Special Education Resource Teachers ~ Sarah Fraser, Nicole Hicks , Michael Armstrong and Erika Levesque

  • ESL Teacher ~ Suzanne Lalonde

  • Learning Commons ~ Sarah Hong

  • Caretakers: Roy Belo (days) and TBD (evenings)

  • Office Administrators ~ Laurie Woodward and Carole Fayad

  • Vice-Principal ~ Nicole Hicks

  • Principal ~ Paul Gautreau

Office Administrators: Laurie Woodward and Carole Fayad

Vice-Principal: Nicole Hicks

Principal: Paul Gautreau

Superintendent: Nicola Benton

Trustee: Brian Coburn

School Address

St. Dominic Catholic School

2300 Esprit Drive


K4A 0T5