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May 6, 2022

Dear St. Dominic Families,

May 2 to 6, 2022 was Catholic Education Week! Watching the week unfold was reassuring, heartwarming, and inspiring, and very exciting for students and staff alike. We celebrated with a liturgy, Choir and Dance team performances, a Bake Sale a Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser, a Scavenger Hunt, many Mystery Readers, a Book Fair, two Concerts, Colour Day, and Celebrating Excellence Award Presentation. We also created a video. Please watch it and enjoy: Catholic Education Week Video.


April 6, 2022

Dear St. Dominic Families,

Lent is a time of reflection and prayer, a time of almsgiving and good works. This year, as I learn about the Lenten traditions that are unique to St. Dominic, I am impressed. What a generous, caring and prayerful community St. Dominic is.

Below are a few information items that I hope you will find helpful and a few action items to add to your to-do list (for example sending in items for our food drive and completing a survey if you are moving).

As always, many thanks for all your support, prayers and feedback.

Paul Gautreau


COVID UPDATES: Like what is happening in the broader community, we have begun to see an uptick in the number of students and staff who are testing positive for COVID in our school. To limit transmission in the school:

  • Continue to screen your child daily for COVID symptoms, and follow Ottawa Public Health’s Symptom Flowchart.

  • Consider Dr. Vera Etches recent recommendation that individuals, “continue wearing a mask indoors especially when physical distancing may not be possible”.

  • We will be limiting the number of people who gather together for special events (see below).

  • We will continue to let you know when we learn of students or staff who test positive for COVID.

LENTEN FOOD DRIVE: Thanks to some of our Grade 5 students, posters have been popping up around the school advertising our lenten food drive. Until April 14th, families are invited to send in canned and non-perishable food items, or to make a donation through SchoolCash Online. All donations will go to support the Gloucester Food Cupboard, but before they do, we’re hoping to get creative with a few Canstructions.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS: On Holy Thursday (April 14) a group of Grade 6 students will be performing “tableaus” of the stations of the cross while a group of Grade 3 students serves as the choir. The performance will take place in our school gym. To keep the gathering small, only a few classes will attend the performance in person. Other classes will be joining from their classrooms via Google Meet. For this event, we will not be inviting families to attend.

EASTER MASS: We have our first Masses of the school year (actually, the first in the past few years) coming up on April 26th and 28th. As with the Stations of the Cross, some classes will be attending in person, and others will be joining virtually. Again, to limit the number of people in the gym during masses, we will not be inviting families to attend.

MOVING or CHANGING SCHOOLS? We are beginning to plan for the 2022-2023 school year. If your child will NOT be returning to St. Dominic in the fall, please let us know by completing this form by April 14. If your child is currently in Grade 6, please don’t worry about completing the form unless they are not transitioning to St. Peter School.

REGISTERING FOR SEPTEMBER: If you know of any families who are intending to register their children at St. Dominic for September 2022, but have not yet done so, please let them know that they can register online any time - but the sooner, the better!

EQAO: Planning for Grade 3 and 6 EQAO assessments has begun. The assessments are scheduled between May 30 and June 2, although some classes or students may complete the assessments a few days before or after our official dates. More details will be sent once we receive them from EQAO.

THE SCHOOL YARD IN THE MORNING: We love when students are early for school, but please remember that supervision in the morning doesn’t start until 9:00 a.m. Children should not be left unattended in the school yard before then. Our EDP group does use the school yard some days before 9:00 a.m., but EDP staff supervision responsibilities do not extend to other children.

LOCKDOWN PRACTICES: With the lifting of COVID restrictions, we are now able to practise lockdowns. For more information about our emergency procedures, please visit the OCSB Emergency Procedures Webpage.


  • April 4-14 ~ Lenten Project ~ Food Drive

  • April 14 ~ Holy Thursday

  • April 15 ~ Good Friday (no school)

  • April 17 ~ Easter Sunday

  • April 18 ~ Easter Monday (no school)

  • April 20 ~ School Council Meeting

  • April 26 ~ Easter Mass (for Grades 2, 4 and 6)

  • April 28 ~ Easter Mass (for Grades 1, 3 and 5)

  • May 2-6 ~ Catholic Education Week

  • May 23 ~ Victoria Day holiday (no school)

  • May 25 ~ EQAO for Grade 3 and 6

  • June 2 ~ Family Barbecue (5pm-8pm)

  • June 16 ~ OCSB Track and Field Meet

  • June TBD ~ Year End Mass

  • June 22 ~ Grade 6 Leave Taking Ceremony (10:30a.m. -12:00p.m.)

  • June 22 ~ Grade 6 Parent-Led Celebratory Event (6:00 p.m. - 8:30p.m.)

  • June 23 ~ Grade 6 Year End Trip

  • June 29 ~ Last day of school


March 22, 2022

Dear St. Dominic Families,

Returning to school after the March Break has been such a joy. This week alone, we have seen classroom furniture being rearranged, intramural sports and our dance team getting organized, a book club starting up, and plans for a school Mass taking shape. I am truly looking forward to the final 3 months of the school year. I hope the following updates are helpful:

MASKS: Walk into any classroom, and you will see some individuals who wear masks, and others who don’t. You’ll also witness lots of acceptance as we strive to make everyone feel comfortable. Please remember that wearing a mask is still required for anyone who has been travelling internationally, for anyone who has recently had COVID-19, or for anyone who has been a close contact.

NOTIFICATION OF POSITIVE CASES: As has been our practice since January, whenever we receive confirmation that an individual who attends our school has tested positive for COVID-19 we will continue to let you know. Without identifying the individual, a message will be emailed to the families of students in the class.

PARENTS, VOLUNTEERS and GUESTS are now allowed in the school! Slowly over the next few weeks and months, we will be inviting you into the school for routine activities such as meeting with teachers and dropping off or picking up children for EDP. We will also be inviting parents into the school for special events such as our spring Book Fair and Grade 6 Leave Taking Celebration. Stay tuned for details. Please note that all volunteers must apply through the OCSB Volunteer Webpage. Also please know that we will offer virtual options whenever we can.

FIELD TRIPS: Many students and their teachers are eager to go on field trips now that they are allowed. Planning such trips will likely be somewhat challenging, as not all potential destinations are up and running, and because of busing limitations. Another consideration is the funding of trips. With limited fundraising done over the past two years, and cost increases, we need to be sensitive to what we are asking families to pay. Still, we hope that at least some of our classes will soon be heading out on trips.

BUSING FOR NEXT YEAR: The Ottawa Student Transportation Authority is asking the parents of children who are currently eligible for transportation to complete their online Transportation Confirmation Form. Please see the attached flyer for details.

LOTS OF MUD: The transition from winter to spring means lots of leftover grit on the asphalt in our school year, and lots of mud and puddles in our field. Hopefully within a few weeks the snow will be gone, allowing the asphalt to be swept, and the water to drain. Until then, we will be reminding students to be careful on the asphalt, and to stay out of the mud.

SPREAD THE WORD: If you know of anyone living within our school boundary with school age children, please let them know that we are now accepting registrations for the fall. With the easing of COVID restrictions, we are also able to give after-school tours to new families. Please call or email the school for more information.


  • March 30 ~ Grade 6 Leave Taking Photos

  • April 4-14 ~ Lenten Project ~ Food Drive

  • April 14 ~ Holy Thursday

  • April 15 ~ Good Friday (no school)

  • April 17 ~ Easter Sunday

  • April 18 ~ Easter Monday (no school)

  • April TBD ~ Easter Mass (in the Gym)

  • April 20 ~ School Council Meeting

  • May 2-6 ~ Catholic Education Week

  • May 23 ~ Victoria Day holiday (no school)

  • May 25 ~ EQAO for Grade 3 and 6

  • June 2 ~ Family Barbecue (5pm-8pm)

  • June 16 ~ OCSB Track and Field Meet

  • June TBD ~ Year End Mass

  • June 24 ~ Grade 6 Year End Trip (Tentative)

  • June 22 ~ Grade 6 Leave Taking Ceremony (10:30a.m. -12:00p.m.)

  • June 29 ~ Last day of school

Have a wonderful weekend,

​Paul Gautreau

Principal ~ St. Dominic Catholic School

Address: 2300 Esprit Drive, Orléans


Twitter: @StDominicOCSB


January 20, 2022

Dear St. Dominic Families,

It has been absolutely wonderful having students back at school. While it has only been a few days, children seem to have settled quickly back into regular school routines. Many thanks to students, parents and staff for all you did to make the transition back to in-person learning as smooth as possible.

Below are a few pieces of information that we’d like to share with you:

PD DAY: Friday, January 21 is a PD Day. There is no school for students. Educators will be preparing Term one report cards. On February 9th, report cards will become available on the Parent Portal.

NOTIFICATION OF POSITIVE CASES: Ottawa Public Health will no longer be sending families emails when we have a confirmed COVID-19 case at our school. That said, we will do our best to still keep you informed. When we receive confirmation that a student or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19, without identifying the individual, a message will be emailed to the families of students in the class or cohort.

SHORT TERM REMOTE LEARNING: If you have decided to keep your child at home and learning through Hapara Workspaces for the next little while, please send us an email at to let us know. Once we receive notification from you, your child will no longer be recorded as being absent. If you have already sent us an email to confirm this, thank you.

PARKING: Our parking lot continues to be a challenge in the morning and at the end of the day, especially with snow banks and slippery walkways. Drivers, please enter the school parking lot on the Vista Park side and exit on Esprit Drive to help traffic flow. Walkers, please keep children close when walking in or near the parking lot.

MENTAL HEALTH NIGHT: The Ottawa Catholic Parent Association is hosting a free Mental Health Night on January 27th. To register, please visit

GRADE 3 AND 6 FRENCH: In February, parents of Grades 3 and 6 students will have the opportunity to pick which French pathway they want their child to follow next year. In Grade 4, the options are Extended French (25%), or Immersion French (50%). In Grade 6, the options are Core French (1/8), or Immersion French (5/8). Stay tuned for more information.

ARRIVING IN THE MORNING: Please aim to have your child arrive at school between 9:00 and 9:10 a.m. In the fall, we’ve noticed a rush of students arriving very close to the school bell. Arriving close to 9:15 means that students are missing out on before school social and play time. In keeping with our Safe Arrivals and Departures Procedure, all students who arrive after 9:15 must enter and check in at the office. Missing Important covid protocols - class disruptions and instructions

MINIMIZING CLASSROOM DISRUPTIONS: Every time the office has to call down to a classroom because a student is being picked up, or because belongings have been dropped off, we make a call into the classroom. This can significantly disrupt the flow of lessons, especially if it happens multiple times during the same lesson. Please help us to limit the number of times we must call into classroom by:

  • Avoiding picking up children during class time. If picking up is necessary, please try to do it at lunch hour or after 3:45.

  • Double checking that children come to school with everything they need for the day, for example water bottles (no glass, please!), lunch items, shoes, school work, snow pants, etc.

Of course, if picking up children or dropping off an item can’t be avoided, we will call into the classroom, but know that it does disrupt student learning.

OUTDOOR CLOTHING: Our school yard can be a chilly place, especially if the wind is blowing. Please be sure to send your child with the clothing they need to stay warm outside. It also helps greatly if clothing is labelled!

May God continue to bless our school community.


January 10, 2022

Dear St. Dominic Families,

Kindergarten Registration is NOW ON! Children who will be four by December 31, 2022 may be registered to begin Junior Kindergarten at St. Dominic in September.

Simply click this link to REGISTER ONLINE NOW. When you register you will receive a special Kindergarten welcome package in the mail (while supplies last).

For more information...

Why register in January? We encourage parents to register their children as soon as possible so that we have plenty of time to hire staff, purchase supplies, and set up classrooms.

Please share this information with your neighbours and friends!

Paul GautreauPrincipal ~ St. Dominic Catholic SchoolAddress: 2300 Esprit Drive, OrléansWebsite: @StDominicOCSB


January 3, 2022

Good Afternoon St. Dominic Families,

Happy New Year, Everyone!

While our Christmas Break and return to school may look a little different than usual, let us all go into the new year with the renewed hope and spirit that Christmas brings. May God bless all of us in 2022!

With the Ministry of Education announcing that students will be learning remotely for at least the next 2 weeks, we have a couple of updates:

  • We are awaiting detailed direction from our School Board about remote learning for all students, and accommodations for students with significant special needs. Once we have those details, your child’s teachers will be sending you an email to let you know about the schedule, expectations, and materials required, etc.

  • Our school has a limited number of Chromebooks available for families to borrow during this period of remote learning. If your family needs to borrow a Chromebook, please let us know by completing this Chromebook Request Form.

Over the next couple of weeks, although school may not look like it usually does, I know that we will all work together to do our best for our children. Many thanks for your understanding.

​Paul Gautreau

Principal ~ St. Dominic Catholic School


December 4, 2021

Dear St. Dominic Families,

Below is some information for our school community from Ottawa Public Health.

Attached is a letter in French and English outlining the after-school COVID-19 vaccination clinics in our area. All of the after-school clinics listed are open to anyone born in 2016 or earlier who lives in the neighbourhood, regardless of the school the children attend. Please note that some after school clinics may have limited capacity. See the letters for more details.

Please know:

Thank you for your continued support in building community immunity!


December 2, 2021

Dear St. Dominic Families,

St. Dominic spiritwear is back! We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Tuck Gear to be able to offer a variety of zipped hoodies, t-shirts and sweatpants for families to purchase. Please visit St Dominic Spiritwear to view what’s available and to place your order. Order soon to get it by Christmas!

Many thanks,

Mr. Paialunga

St. Dominic Athletic Coordinator


November 29, 2021

ear St. Dominic Families,

The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for see—I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Messiah, the Lord. Luke 2:10-11

Reading the passage above brings me back to Christmas Masses of years gone by. I remember the church bustling with activity, and bursting with people. I remember squishing into a pew, attending to little ones who just wanted to move. But, I also remember the silence that would envelop the congregation as this passage was read. And so the rush and anticipation of Advent gave way to the peace and joy of Christmas.

The next few weeks will be busy, for sure. We have an abundance of festive days, crafts and activities planned. But, we will also take some time to think about the words of Elizabeth, who says to Mary, ““Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb” and John the Baptist who calls us to ‘Prepare the way of the Lord’. The weeks leading up to Christmas are a time to find balance ~ balance between festive fun, and Advent reflection. As the song goes, “Take a walk to Christmas, find the sparkling light. Take a walk together, towards a star so bright.”

ADVENT OUTREACH PROJECT: Thanks to everyone who has already made a donation through SchoolCash Online in support of needy families from our sister school, Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Every dollar donated will go towards the purchase of Walmart, Giant Tiger, and Food Basics grocery/gift cards that will be given to needy families. We will continue to accept donations up to the end of the day on December 6th. Many thanks for your generous support.

ADVENT CELEBRATIONS: “Light the Advent Candle one, now the waiting has begun.” Because we are still unable to gather together in large groups, our Advent celebrations this year will be taking place within cohorts. On each Monday of Advent (November 29, December 6 and December 13) teachers will be leading their students through a short liturgy that includes readings, prayers and yes, a few familiar Advent songs, too!

SPIRIT DAYS: Our spirit committee has lots of fun spirit days and activities planned for students. Here’s what we’re looking forward to:

  • Monday, December 13 ~ Plaid Day

  • Tuesday, December 14 ~ Twos Day (Wear 2 of anything)

  • Wednesday, December 15 ~ Christmas Sweater Day or Christmas Colour Day

  • Thursday, December 16 ~ School Colour Day (Red and Black) Day and School-wide Bingo Game

  • Friday, December 17 ~ Pajama Day and Movie Afternoon

May your journey to Christmas is filled with many blessings,

From the Staff of St. Dominic Catholic School


November 18, 2021

Dear St. Dominic Families,

With the start of the Advent season less than two weeks away, our thoughts turn to Christmas, and especially those less fortunate than us.

As in past years, our school community will be collecting funds to support the families of another school community: Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School. OLMC is an Ottawa school that serves families who are mostly new to Canada, as well as many who struggle financially. Funds collected will go towards the purchase of grocery cards and gift cards from stores such as Walmart, Giant Tiger, and Food Basics. Purchased cards will be given to families so that they can go out and make purchases that will make the Christmas season a bit easier for them.

Please take a moment today or sometime soon to log into SchoolCash Online to make a donation. We will be accepting donations until December 3. This will give OLMC staff time to purchase grocery/gift cards and distribute them to families.

As the former Principal of a school serving a similar community, I can attest first hand that families who are given grocery/gift cards are truly needy and truly appreciative. Your generosity will make a real difference for these families at this special time of year.

Many thanks and God bless,

​Paul GautreauPrincipal ~ St. Dominic Catholic School


November 8, 2021

Hello St. Dominic Families,

On this bright and warm November Monday, here is some school news that I hope you find helpful.

REPORT CARDS: Kindergarten Initial Observation Reports and Grade 1 to 6 Progress Reports will be available on the OCSB Parent Portal at the end of the day tomorrow. If you are having difficulty accessing the Parent Portal, please see the parent portal Help Page.

PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS: Just a reminder that Parent Teacher Interviews are taking place on Thursday, November 11th from 4pm to 8pm. To book an interview with your child’s teacher, please see the email that was sent out last Wednesday. Our booking system will close at 4pm on November 10th.

PHOTO RETAKES are happening on Wednesday. If you would like to have your child’s photo retaken, just send back your child's photo proofs and let their teacher know. Also, all children who were absent on the original photo day will have their photo taken.

REMEMBRANCE DAY: On Thursday morning, our school community will be coming together virtually to honour Canada’s Veterans and remember those who sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. We will be giving students poppies (pins or stickers) to wear. Donations to The Royal Canadian Legion’s Poppy Campaign can be made through OCSB School Cash Online.

BOOK FAIR: Our virtual book fair is now in full swing, but it ends on November 22nd. Be sure to visit soon. All proceeds from the book fair will be used to purchase more books and resources for our Learning Commons.

INDIGENOUS EDUCATION NEWS: If you are interested in receiving communication from the OCSB Indigenous Education Team, please fill out the form included in this letter.

PD DAY: Friday is a PD Day. This means that there is no school for students. Staff will be participating in a staff meeting, anti-racism training, and continuing Commit2Kids training.

As always, please follow us on Twitter, and be sure to visit our school website.

Wishing you many blessings,

​Paul GautreauPrincipal ~ St. Dominic Catholic School




October 7, 2021

Dear St. Dominic Families,

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving long weekend, here are a few updates:

CONTACT INFORMATION: Do you have a new phone number or emergency contact? Please be sure to update your information in the Parent Portal.

SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION: Tomorrow, a letter from Good Shepherd Parish will be emailed to the families of Grade 2 and 6 children about registering children to prepare for and receive the sacraments of First Communion (Grade 2) and Confirmation (Grade 6). If you do not receive this letter, please contact the school.

DAILY COVID SCREENING: Recent news of COVID cases in Ottawa schools highlights the importance of continuing to screen children before coming to school. Ottawa Public Health’s online screening tool for students provides quick and clear guidance about whether or not your child can come to school. Thank you for helping to keep our school safe.

TERRY FOX FUNDRAISER: We have had a fantastic response to our Terry Fox Cancer Research Fundraiser. THANKS TO YOU, to date, we have raised $2610! If you would still like to donate, please do so by going to As incentives, we’ve already had two teachers have slime and cold water poured over them, and two teachers dye their hair. If we make it to $3000, students will get to see a few pies in the face, and if we make it to $4000, someone will shave his head! Please donate if you can!

FRIDAY’S PD DAY: While students have the day off on October 8th, staff will be participating in a variety of professional learning activities. Staff will be learning about high impact strategies in Math, French and Kindergarten, as well as participating in child sexual abuse training offered by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

MONDAY IS A HOLIDAY: Monday, October 11th is a holiday for everyone! Staff and students return to school on Tuesday.

FEELING BLESSED: Thanksgiving gives us time to pause and reflect on the many God given blessings in our lives. Despite the challenges that life brings, there are also many blessings, like kind words, generous deeds, caring hearts and welcoming actions. Even the smallest of acts can be a sign of hope, faith and inspiration for others. We are truly blessed in so many ways!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Staff of St. Dominic Catholic School!


September 24, 2021

Dear St. Dominic Families,

Fall has finally arrived. With the first three weeks of school behind us, everyone seems to be settling well into the new school year. Of course, that is not to say that there haven’t been bumps along the way. There have been a few (like rainy days and bus delays), but with prayer and patience, problem solving and plenty of hard work, we not only get through the challenges, we thrive! Many thanks to all St. Dominic families for all you do.

Below are a few updates for the week ahead, as well as a few items to add to your to do list.

Have a wonderful fall weekend. God bless!

Paul Gautreau


COVID SAFETY ~ Just a reminder to use the Ottawa Public Health Screening Tool to check if children are okay to send to school each morning. Also please note that if your child passes the screening, but feels sick or is not well, they should be kept at home.

ACTIVITY FEE ~ If you haven’t yet paid the first installment of this year’s activity fee ($20 per child or $50 per family with 3 or more children), please do so by Friday, October 1st. Online payments can be made at

TERRY FOX WALK ~ Our annual Terry Fox walk fundraiser will be taking place on Friday, October 1st. Children in Grades 1 to 6 will be walking with their classes and teachers on the paths around the perimeter of Vista Park. Children in Kindergarten will do their walk within our school yard. Everyone will wear masks and walk with their class cohorts. Donations to the Terry Fox Foundation can be made at

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY ~ Our parking lot is becoming a growing safety concern before and after school. As such, please do not park on school property between 8:45a.m. and 9:15a.m., or between 3:30p.m. and 4:00p.m. If you need to park your vehicle, use the Vista Park parking lot. Access to our school property is only permitted if you are using our “Drop and Go Zone” before school.

RESPONSIBLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY AGREEMENT ~ Each year we require all students and their guardians/parents to sign a Responsible Use of Technology Agreement. This year, the process will be done digitally. Linked here are instructions for digitally signing the agreement.


  • Monday, September 27 ~ Crazy Hair Spirit Day (Yes, children can wear a hat!)

  • Tuesday, September 28 ~ School Picture Day (More information coming soon.)

  • Wednesday, September 29 @ 6:30p.m. ~ School Council Meeting (For more information visit Welcome Information School Council or

  • Thursday, September 30 ~ National Day of Truth and Reconciliation (Wear an orange shirt day in support of residential school survivors. Every child matters!)

  • Friday, October 1 ~ Terry Fox Walk AND Student Activity Fees are due

STAY CONNECTED ~ As always, stay connected with us by visiting our school website, following us on @StDominicOCSB on Twitter, sending us an email or phoning.


September 15, 2021

Dear St. Dominic Families,

Here are just a few reminders of what we can do to help keep our school COVID-Safe:

  • All students and staff are required to use the Ottawa Public Health Screening Tool each morning before coming to school. A PDF version of the screening tool is also available. After completing the screening, if you said yes to ANY symptom, your child should NOT attend school.

  • When dropping off or picking up your child, please wear a mask and keep physically distant.

  • To avoid crowding, please know that students can use any of the 4 gates into the school yard at the beginning or end of the day.

Many thanks for all you do to help keep everyone safe,

Paul Gautreau

Principal ~ St. Dominic Catholic SchoolAddress: 2300 Esprit Drive, OrléansWebsite: @StDominicOCSB


September 10, 2021

Dear St. Dominic Families,

What a start to the new school year we have had! After many months of not having students at school, our classrooms, hallways, gym, Learning Commons and school yard are once again full of smiles, laughter and learning.

Below are a few pieces of information that I hope you find helpful.

Have a wonderful weekend,

​Paul Gautreau

Principal ~ St. Dominic Catholic SchoolAddress: 2300 Esprit Drive, OrléansWebsite: @StDominicOCSB

STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE: Once again this year, we will be collecting an activity fee. This fee will cover the cost of all the ‘extras’ not covered through the regular school budget, including field trips, special craft materials, and special events. Because we’re not yet certain what activities will be permitted given COVID safety measures, we have decided to collect the fee in two installments. The first installment, $20 per student or $50 per family with 3 or more students, will be due on Friday, October 1st. A second installment of the same amount will be due in February. All fees must be paid using SchoolCash Online. If you have not already registered, please do so by going to and select the “get started today” option. Please complete your payment by Friday, October 1.

DROP AND GO ZONE: With our new Drop and Go Zone, our parking lot is a busy place in the morning. If you walk your child to school, instead of cutting through the parking lot, please use the gate closest to Vista Park if you can. If you do need to walk through the parking lot, please watch for traffic. Similarly, if you are a driver using our Drop and Go Zone, please watch out for pedestrians. Together we can help keep everyone safe.

ARRIVING AFTER 9:15: If your child arrives at school after 9:15 a.m., please do not bring them to the school yard. Classes begin entering the school at 9:15 a.m., and we don’t want any children left outside by mistake. Instead, after 9:15 bring your child to the office at the front of the school.


  • September 25 ~ Jour des Franco-Ontariens

  • September 28 ~ Photo Day (This is a new date)

  • September 29 @ 6:00p.m.~ Virtual School Council Meeting and Elections

  • September 30 ~ Orange Shirt Day: Supporting residential school survivors. Every child matters.

  • October 1 ~ Student Activity Fee Payment Due

  • October 8 ~ PA day (all grades)

  • October 11 ~ Thanksgiving Day (no school)


August 31, 2021

Dear Students, Families and Friends,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Welcome to all of our new students, and welcome back to all returning students. As the new principal of St. Dominic, I have been eagerly anticipating the start of the new school year for many months. Now that it is almost here, I am excited to meet everyone and to learn more about what makes the St. Dominic School Community so special.

Below you will find a few pieces of information that will hopefully be a help to you as the new school year begins. Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to phone or email. You may also find answers to your questions on our new school website. Be sure to check it out!

Over the summer, our custodial team has been busy scrubbing the school. This week, our educator team will be busy setting up classrooms and planning for the year ahead. WE ARE ALMOST READY!

May the year ahead be filled with much learning and growth, much compassion and understanding, much success and accomplishment, and with God’s many blessings. Let the learning journey begin!


Paul Gautreau


OFFICE HOURS: Our school office is open this week during regular school hours. Mrs. Leslie and Mrs. Fayad will be busy getting everything ready for the school year ahead. Current COVID protocols prevent us from having visitors in the school, so please call or email if you need to reach us.

YOUR CHILD’S TEACHERS: Later this week, teachers will be emailing parents to introduce themselves and to provide some information about the start of the school year. Teachers will also be telling you about how your child will find their teacher on the first day (more about the first day below). If you do not receive an email by the end of the day on Friday, please send us an email to let us know.

NEW JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS: The first day of school for our Junior Kindergarten students is staggered through the first week of school. This allows us to give our youngest students close attention as we get to know them, and as they get to know us. Parents of our new Junior Kindergarten students should have already received a letter with the date and time of their child’s orientation meeting and first day of school. If you haven’t received an orientation visit letter, please email the school.

BUSES AND VANS: Information about your child’s bus stop can be obtained by logging into the Bus Stop Planner. For other school bus and van information, visit the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority website at

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: What supplies will your child need for school in September? The easy answer is that we provide everything students will need. We will provide all children with the pencils and erasers, notebooks and art supplies, and Chromebooks and iPads. That said, all children will need a pair of indoor shoes, a backpack and lunch box. Kindergarten students will also need a crib-size blanket for rest time. If you’d like to buy your child a special pencil case, pencil crayons, markers, or other supplies, feel free. We also go through a lot of Kleenex over the school year, so if you can, please send in a box of tissues. Teachers will provide more detailed information once the school year begins.

The First Day

MORNING: The first day of school is Tuesday, September 7th. At 9:00 a.m., teachers will be in the school yard ready to meet their new students. Teachers will be holding signs to make it easier for children to find their teacher. Students who take the bus to school or who are in EDP will be brought to the schoolyard by a staff member and helped to find their new teacher. Children will line up with their new classmates, then at 9: 15 a.m., teachers will begin bringing children into their classrooms.

NO VISITORS ON THE SCHOOL YARD: Due to current COVID protocols, parents and guardians are not allowed onto the school yard. Parents and Guardians will have to say “Goodbye” to children at one of the 3 gates into the school yard, and then, if you so choose, watch from outside the fence line. Please be sure to wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.

IF IT RAINS on the first day of school, children will be brought directly into the school and helped to find their class.

AFTERNOON DISMISSAL: At the end of the day (a few minutes before 3:45), students who don’t take the bus and who aren’t in EDP will be brought out to the school yard. Teachers will dismiss students to parents once they see them. If you are picking up your child, please wait outside the school fence, and let your child know where you will be waiting for them. Children who have permission to walk home will be dismissed at 3:45.


COVID SAFETY: To begin the school year, our COVID-19 safety protocols will be very similar to what they were last school year. All Kindergarten to Grade 6 students, staff and visitors are required to wear masks when in the school. All students and staff will need to self-screen daily before arriving at school. Cohorting classes, hand sanitizing, enhanced cleaning will also be practised. For more details about COVID-19 safety in our school, please refer to this Summary of COVID Protocols at St Dominic.

LUNCH AND SNACK ALLERGY ALERT: We have several students at our school who have severe life-threatening allergies brought on by contact with even the tiniest traces of nuts or peanuts. Please do not send in snacks and lunches with any foods containing nuts or peanuts (even trace amounts).

CARE PLANS FOR PREVALENT MEDICAL CONDITIONS: If your child has asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, anaphylaxis, has had a recent concussion, or has any other prevalent medical conditions please let us know so that we can put an appropriate care plan in place. Also please note that we are not able to administer any medications without a ‘Request and Consent for the Administration of Medication’ form that has been completed and signed by your child’s doctor. For more information, please visit:

PEDESTRIAN SAFETY: Our school is a very busy place at the beginning and ending of the school day. Traffic on streets and in parking lots poses a significant risk for pedestrians. For this reason, we ask that you walk rather than drive your child to school. If you must drive your child to school, please park at least a block away and walk. We will also be setting up a “Drop and Go Zone” this year. Stay tuned for more details. Together we will keep everyone safe.